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Retail Quickbooks POS

  • Real-time inventory tracking to identify what's in stock, what's hot, and what needs to be reordered
  • Reporting Tools to track customer interests and provide better, personalized services
  • Integration capabilities to electronically transfer sales information to Quickbooks Accounting software, eliminating dual entries and data entry errors
  • Easily rings up sales accepting credit cards and keeping checkout lines moving.
Full Station Point of Sale System
With VX805 EMV chip reader
Quickbooks POS software
For A small monthly fee
Includes a Hardware and
Software Protection Plan


ALDELO is the #1 selling POS System for independent restaurants; a stable Windows based system with over 100,000 installations, supporting English, Spanish and Chinese languages, as well as full Touch POS order entry and an integrated back office with full Inventory and Labor Cost reporting.
APTITO is our iPad Based Hospitality and Retail Management System, offering an easy to use iPad user interface, complete mobile order taking and payment capability, digital menus, and a web based back office starting at only 79/month per terminal.
Aptito iPad
Clover Suite
Clover is the #1 selling POS and Payment Solution in the World offering a single web based back office, over 200 value added applications and 3 models of POS Solutions for processing basic payments up to full POS functiionality.

Clover Fuel POS

Fuel for Clover, allows you to use Clover Station POS connected to your Pumps and Fuel Controllers for a low cost integrated add on app,

Liquor Mart POS
  • Age Verification/Scan ID
  • 3 Sec. Price Change
  • 3 Sec. Item Change
  • Credit Card Service 35% Less Against Any Other Company
  • Pole Display/Digital Sign
  • Store Unlimited Items/Back Office Inventory
  • Next Day Deposit
  • No Contract
  • 1 Consolidated Statement
  • Cash Advance/Working Capital

Groovv POS

All you need to run your business.




Upgrade Your Business and Grow

Groovv POS includes everything merchants need to manage, grow and optimize their business, all in a compact point of sale system that's easy to set up and use. Available in two models,


Our payment processing is affordable and reliable. Our rates are extremely competitive and we can beat the prices of well known dongle providers. Get fast transaction processing,value added services, and 24/7 support. We have what you need, when you need it. Our POS software is designed to make your life easy. You can start to use it immediately, by using the plus icon to add the amount or add an item and tapping the total to check out your customer. It is that simple.